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ICICI Bank Job Fair

1) ICICI Bank Job fair held in Madurai Kamaraj University on 18 March 2014 .
2) ICICI Bank Job fair held in Tirunelveli Mononmaniam Sundaranar University on 19 March 2014 .


Sales Job with the ICICI Bank in and around in Tamil Nadu in Kerala

We are looking at fresh graduates who have completed their 3/4 year degree and are willing to take up a sales job with the ICICI Bank in and around their district/towns in Tamil Nadu in Kerala.
The requirement drive will happen during the first week of February 2014 and candidates selected through the screening process will be required to accept the offer letter and join ICICI Bank in February itself.
Once they get an offer letter, they are required to take up a one month training program for which their lodging and boarding will be sponsored by ICICI to get them trained to take up the Sales job.
Candidates are offered a starting annual salary of 1.6 Lakhs in Non- Metros and 1.8 Lakhs in Metro cities PLUS the usual benefits of travel, pf etc.
The selected candidates have enormous scope for growth as they are permanent employees of ICICI.

Note :Not for M.B.A , M.C.A and B.Tech students .

All Placement officers are requested to please collect the Resume of your Old Students (Passed out in 2013 or earlier) and send the same to info@aathmaacademy.com oraathmaacademy@gmail.com .

For further information please send us a mail or call +91 452 4382999 or +91 9994209258