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Skill Development
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Skilling India – The Challenge

          India's working-age population is likely to swell from 749 million in 2010 to over 962 million in 2030. However, India's so called demographic dividend to be productively employed, they need opportunities. Since the job market is biased towards high-skill labour, the creation of jobs for low-skill labour, who would continue to dominate its workforce, will challenge India. Closing the skill gaps of its qualified workforce will be critical. Creating jobs for the swelling workforce in these states will be a major challenge. Labour skill-mismatch and shortage could adversely impact India’s economic growth.

Skilling India – The Opportunity

          The National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC) India has set a National target of skilling 500 million youth by year 2022 through innovative Public Private Partnerships. Aathma Academy through its Skill Development Programmes aim to bridge this massive skill deficiency and contribute to fulfilling the NSDC mission of Skilling India.

          In this task, Aathma Academy had partnered with Labour Net to bring to Madurai State of the art training to empower the youth and improve their livelihood.